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Brian's Favorite Fall Desserts 

So...many of you know I've been training for the Spartan Race and it's been going great. But with the holidays coming it's gonna be so hard to stay on track. I love desserts and here are a few of my fave. MUCH LOVE! BChris

1) Apple Cake with Toffee Crust - This moist cake is served with butterscotch sauce, caramelized apples and ice cream.
2) Maple-Apple Upside-Down Cake - The maple syrup in this upside-down treat infuses both the apples and the cake, making the dessert taste like a stack of apple pancakes
3) Vanilla-and-Cider Panna Cottas with Spiced Ginger Cookies - This cinnamon-and-vanilla-flavored panna cotta combines creamy and tangy flavors for an elegant after-dinner treat.
4) Pumpkin Cheesecake with Brown-Butter Pears - Perfect for fall dinner parties, this pumpkin cheesecake is rich, creamy and the ideal end to a meal. Using gingersnap cookies for the crust instead of graham cracker adds a spiced-sweetness to the dessert.
5) Buttermilk Cake with Riesling-Poached Pears - Pears are a juicy and beautiful fruit that require little effort. Enjoy serving the fall fruit raw or poaching them in wine, such as the Riesling.

Brian Visits the Marshall Academy 

Had the absolute pleasure visiting, speaking and sharing with the gifted students of the Marshall Academy cosmetology department today. HIGHLIGHT: one student asked me "how am I so happy?". I told her 'because I'm doing what I love"...YOLO. Checkout the video and you'll see what I mean. MUCH LOVE! BChris

Brian's Favorite Thanksgiving Wines Choices 

I love wine especially with my meals. This Thanksgiving will be no different. Checkout some of my fave types of wines. But just know the wine you like is the best wine for your Thanksgiving! MUCH LOVE! BChris

1. CHARDONNAY The most popular wine in America and there’s no need to avoid it on Thanksgiving, as it’s actually as good a choice as almost any other wine. If your meal has orchard fruits and a nutty element, apples, pecans, or wild rice, those flavors can serve as a classic bridge, making this complementary pairing an easy winner.

2. LAMBRUSCO These sparkling wines come in red and rosé versions and tend to be a little sweet, but the dry versions are gaining popularity in this country. For the Thanksgiving meal, a slightly sweet red Lambrusco works well. The earthy, dark berry fruit is almost like a liquid version of cranberry sauce, helping to knit the entire meal together!

3. BEAUJOLAIS A great wine for Thanksgiving. Released with much fanfare the third Thursday of each November, Beaujolais Nouveau is billed as the first wine of the year. Can be a fun wine; low in tannins, grapey and easy to drink. It is a nice choice for Thanksgiving.

4. ZINFANDEL Now since Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, it might be good to feature a wine that is almost uniquely American: Zinfandel. There are many great Zins to choose from but a lighter-styled Zin combines some of the freshness and elegance of Beaujolais with the overt fruitiness of California Pinot Noir. While Zins tend to be dry wines, their fruity character lends them an impression of sweetness, which helps them to knit together with the food on your Thanksgiving table.

5. RIESLING If you want to find an obviously sweet white, Riesling is your best option. The precise flavors of Riesling can range from very citrusy to peaches and honey.

One of my favorite wine stores where you can find all of these wines:
Total Wine & More 3321 Corridor Marketplace, Laurel, MD 20724 | (301) 617-8507 | Hours 8:00 am – 11:00 pm

Brian's Favorite Small Towns 

Anybody that knows me knows I absolutely love daytrips to small towns. Taking in everything it has to offer. Even better when with someone special. Check these spots out and leave a comment at the bottom telling me about your fave small towns. MUCH LOVE! Bchris

1) CAYUCOS, CALIFORNIA (pop. 3,000)
serious waves and serious food

2) LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA (pop. 6,867)
right out of a norman rockwell

big crawfish in a small pond

4) TUBAC, ARIZONA (pop. 1,900)
galleries are framed by mountain views

5) SAUGERTIES, NEW YORK (pop. 5,000)
shop owners extend the welcome mat




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